Injection Molding Machine

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Injection Molding Machine Purging Problems

In recent years the labor cost increase fast,all the companies are doing theri best to save cost.

In the production process of the injection molding machine,there always have the color changes or carbide problems, and we usually need a lot of raw materials to clean it, sometimes it is can not completely clean clear,we have be forced to pull out the screw for manual cleaning. It is wast time and raw materials, and make the production qualified rate is very low,long times downtime will reduce the capacity and affect the normal production.

If you have the hotrunner system,it is always have the mix color problem in the nozzle joint gap,because hotrunner have a lot of corners, it is easy to has the resin residues.long times downtimes will form the carbide,it is difficult to clean. Use Easy Purge screw purging compound,all the purging problem will be sloved.

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