• Injection Molding Machine Purging Problems In recent years the labor cost increase fast,all the companies are doing theri best to save cost. In the production process of the injection molding machine,there always have the color changes or carbide problems, and we usually need a lot of raw materials to clean it, sometimes it is can not completely clean clear,we hav...[DETAIL]

  • Blow Molding Machine& Extruder Blow molding machine has a complicated structure,also the screw,material cylinder, die head, corners,so it is very difficult to clean the residues which stay in the equipment by resins. The most difficult purging problems of Blow molding machine is to solve the color change, especially the joint line is more difficult to clean, ...[DETAIL]

  • Hot runner system consists of the hot mouth, runner plate, of temperature control box,it is a kind of perfect plastic injection molding structure form. The emergence of hot runner technology has been provided a more perfect solutions for difficultiy to filling mold, deformation of large thin wall parts, raw materials waste in runner, multimode cavity mould have different ...[DETAIL]