Easy Purge is a new technology chemical purging compound which developed and introduced form Canada. It has passed the FDA Review and the TSCA Certification. Easy purge is a ready-to-use purging compound, it mainly consists of the purging concentrate agent and carrier, it reacts with heat, quickly and effectively cleaning machinery without extra soak time, (only 60 to 90 seconds needed) downtime, Greatly improve the production efficiency.


Nowadays, new technology purging products has come out and gradually replace the traditional cleaning methods which is pull out of the screwmanual cleaning、use a lot of raw material to cover containments、use re-grind resin to through the screw and so on. Actually, it is waste much more costs, like electric and man power、down time cost for operators、down time lost production cost, but most companies still not realize it.The benefit in using a purging compound is enormous. Companies can change color easily and without removing any equipment in less time, thus obtaining maximum results.Easy Purge can help you reduce 50%--75% down time, save about 75% costs, so why not.


Easy Purge works by changing temperature to react with the contaminants inside your machine. These contaminants are then safely ejected without harming the screws, barrels and even hot runner systems. Easy Purge is very easy to remove from the machine – it only takes 3 shots to completely remove it, which means it will save time and improve production quality.

Easy purge also allows removing the accumulated carbide.